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Free Delivery

Moyer Lumber offers Free Delivery on most items to within a 20-30 mile radius from our location. We strive to serve the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas to the best of our abilities.

Free Delivery is Curb-Side Only. Due to both Insurance & Time Constraints, we can not unload and carry items to multiple floors or great distances. Most materials are packaged together to be “dumped” from the bed of the truck. Off-driveway delivery is possible, however the customer is responsible for any minor yard damage that may occur. Proper concealment and weather protection is sole responsibility of the customer.

Small purchases may be considered a “When In Area” Delivery! If this is the case, your delivery is promised to arrive within 2 weeks of purchase date, but will ship as soon as it can be tagged on with other similar deliveries shipping in the same general direction.

Excessively heavy items, or items requiring extra care may require customer assistance in the unloading process.

Most but not all items sold by Moyer Lumber are covered under our Free Delivery Policy. Please feel free to ask any of our sales staff for further details about our delivery process.

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